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Injection Molding

Die Casting

Rubber Injection Molding

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Injection Molding Machines


TOP 2 (in China)

In 2014, only 10th place in the Chinese injection molding machine industry.

In 2017 already ranked second in China.

Product line
9 product lines, including two-platen machine, all-electric machine, standard hydraulic series and special machines (60t – 3200t).


Automotive, household appliances, packaging, medical devices, consumer goods and electronics.

Die Casting Machines


Worldwide No. 1

Since 2014, China’s No. 1 exporter

Product line

9 product lines, including machines with cold-chamber and hot-chamber process.

Automotive, electronics, household goods and medical devices.

Rubber Injection Molding Machines


TOP 2 (in China)

Since 2014 second place in China.

Product line

6 product lines, including vertical and horizontal series.


Automotive, Power Supply Industry.

Thixomolding Machines

Yizumi offers the following core technologies:

  • High-speed injection control
  • Production of screws and barrels for magnesium alloys
  • Holds many patent and utility model rights
  • Successful introduction of the 650t thixomolding machine
  • 2017 Start of the development of a thixomolding machine with a holding force of 1,250t, commissioning June 2018

Battery shell for unmanned aircraft

Cavity: 1
Size: 1305 x 136 x 65mm
Weight: 52.2g
Cycle time: 30s
Wall thickness: (0.4~0.6) mm

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